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Britta is going to start a new job in another state.  So, she has me in Vermont packing the precious Family treasures, and items that she picked up in her travels.

Some of the glassware and china go back several “Greats”.  And much is irreplaceable.

It takes me awhile, but I have a system for packing it.  I usually take book weight boxes from moving companies.  Then I fill them with small boxes, like shoe size.  Sometimes even smaller.  I use ‘small bubbles’ bubble wrap to wrap the items that nestle in the small boxes.

If I am going to use paper, which I do for some items, especially those of lesser value, then I only use plain paper–again from moving companies.

My grand-father had packed a train set in newsprint when they moved from PA to CT in the 1940’s, and I still remember the newsprint that had baked in to the paint finish of the train cars when they were kept in boxes in the attic for a long time.

It was so sad. 

The ONLY time that I use newsprint is if I’m moving something and am ABSOLUTELY sure that it will get unpacked quickly, and that it doesn’t have a finish that can be harmed by the ink.

I also like package store boxes (liqour bottles).  They have great cardboard dividers in them.  The dividers can be moved, removed, or bent to fit a certain piece.  They are usually quite sturdy to protect their cargo, and they are generally of similar size for stacking in a truck or van.

One more hint.  I almost never put all of a set of glasses, or china in one box.  I divide it between several boxes, small and larger.  If something happens to one box, we have not lost every piece of the set.

Well, I am due to travel back to the farm tomorrow, so I will get back to packing.  Hope that these hints can be of service to others.

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