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We’ve had quite a few visitors to the Shop, and Farm recently. Today, we had some ladies from throughout Tennessee, come as part of a get-together. They shopped in the shop and in the greenhouse.
We also had some visitors come from quite a few counties away, to take a picture of our Appalachian quilt square. The square is becoming a favorite spot here in Southeast Tennessee. People take Appalachian Quilt Trail tours (AQT) or they come from our surrounding counties, to get their picture taken in front of the square. It makes a nice background for a multi-generation photo, or a seasonal family ‘growth’ photo. You can get a tour brochure here at the farm, or go to www.vacationaqt.com for more information.
And, our irises are close to full bloom at the moment. The daffodils were gorgeous this Spring. But not much compares to our irises. We have waves of the same variety, and clusters of various colors and sizes. Lots of the culinary herbs are putting on a first Spring show of color too. The catmint, bronze fennel, salad burnet, and Spanish Eyes Lavenders are just a few of the herbs showing off at the moment.
We have some nice old inexpensive vases in the Shop; and we can cut you bouquets to go with your vases.

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20 % off Gift Certificates of $50.00, or higher.


20% OFF Purchases of $50.00, or higher.

In the Shop

NOW through, Saturday, MAY 8th.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our friends and family who are mothers.  Thank you for guiding the next generation(s).

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This month we are having a special on any items in the Antique shop that are purple, or have purple on them. 25% off!

Come visit. There is lots to see and do on the farm. Organically raised vegetable and herb plants. And gorgeous morgan horses. And unique treasures in the shop.

Celebrate Spring!

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A family farm in Delano, Tennessee is having a Spring Open House and Plant Sale, Saturday, April 10th, 2010, from 10:00am to 4:00pm. The Greenhouse At Morgan Lane, 2214 Columbus Road, Delano, TN, 37325, is having its Second Annual Spring Open House, featuring culinary herb plants and over 30 types of Heirloom, Ethnic and other Tomato plants; and over 75 types of sweet, mild to HOT pepper plants.

The Denman Family has a small family farm, where they grow 98% of their plants themselves. Everything is organically grown and while they have some common varieties, the concentration is on unusual and unique culinary herbs and heirloom and ethnic varieties of vegetable plants, especially Tomatoes and Peppers. They have limited space and only grow a small amount of each of many varieties. There are also blueberry bushes and some other fruiting plants. Interesting, and drought tolerant perennials, will be available in addition to several types of house plants.

Georgia and John Denman own the farm, and are assisted by their three daughters and the rest of the immediate family, including Elizabeth, Michael, Amber and Kimberly McGee; Caitrin, Kaya and Tre Bayard; and Britta Denman. Caitrin is in charge of the greenhouse, which is part of The Shops At Morgan Lane.

There is an Antique Shop on the farm, with glass, china, unique home décor, vintage hats and jewelry +. It will be open during the festivities, and is open year long, Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00am until 4:00 pm. Elizabeth has her photography business, ImagesnMemories, in the Shop. In front of the Antique Shop, the family has erected a quilt block, for the Appalachian Quilt Trail. The block, the first in SouthEast Tennessee, has been featured in local news.

The largest herd of Registered Morgan Horses in the south is also on the farm. Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm is home for foals to senior citizens; stallions, mares, and geldings. Most people think of Morgan horses as a draft breed. They are actually more like an Arabian in size, build and uses. Morgan horses have historic bloodlines in horses considered to be people-friendly, gorgeous, and intelligent. They are very willing to work hard for their people and are easy keepers. That is why they were the predominant cavalry horse for settling the West. Morgan horses are in the background bloodlines of many Southern horse breeds, such as the Tennessee Walker and the Saddlebred. Morgan horses do come in many coat colors. Sleipnir Morgans are mostly blacks and bays, some chestnuts, and a palomino. Elizabeth manages the horses, and the other animals, including chickens, ducks, geese, guinea hens, dogs and cats.

The Shops At Morgan Lane can be found off Rte. 163 (Bowater Road), Delano, TN, by using either McMinn County Routes 969 (Columbus Road) or 970 (Linsdale Road). The GPS co-ordinates are: N 35° 16.039’ W 084° 36.236’. The Shops at Morgan Lane are also listed under specialty shops in some navigation systems. There are signs posted along these roads.

For further information the phone number for the farm is: 423 263 0824.

 There are also websites for the businesses as follows:





www.ImagesnMemories.com    (Elizabeth McGee, photographer)

Email can be sent to: DenmanFam@aol.com.

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