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It is Holiday Baking time, and we have had requests for some tried and true cookie recipes and helpful hints.

Stay tuned…there will be a flurry of recipes from our 45 years of marriage and ancestors’ recipe collections.

Photos as we bake some of the recipes, or from years past.

I remember “watching to learn” and “helping” my paternal grandmother, Dorothy Grace Wiederhold Oschman, in her small “Cape Cod” style cottage kitchen in Connecticut. Cooking and baking with her formed some of my earliest memories.

We would also visit my maternal grandmother, Margaret Dixon Moss, in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and she would come to visit us in Connecticut.  She was an excellent cook and baker too and taught my mother, her sisters and brother to cook some nourishing family recipes.

More memories along the way…

Here come several posts of cookie recipes and helpful hints.

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Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine -
Brown Cover
Volume 10, # 1, July, 1975

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Table of glassware sets


Table of glassware sets and old metal tins

This table has a basket of hard to find glass lids for antique jars

OLD child's red rocker - original paint and other wooden items, plus

Wooden yarn winder/bobbin holder and other items

includes several old bean pots, baskets and aluminum omelet pans

and there are even more tables than these!!!
The auction has started. 

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This is a quick post. More to follow.
As far as we know, all our friends and family have survived the storms/tornados. No one has power. All of our immediate family and critters are ok.
Most of our builldings had little damage. Some fencing was damaged, but the horses are all ok.
Friends in Bradley County lost all their farm buildings, but family and home are alright. Other friends had little damage.
Friends in McMinn County are flooded in; but they, home, and critters are all ok.
Britta is working in Arizona, and smoke is in the air from fires…but she is well.
We will update you with amusing stories, later…for instance Foxy and CL’s very heavy dog box stories…but for now…love and hugs to all our family and many friends…and prayers for all our friends, neighbors and customers…and the greater community of the world.
Hugs to all.
The Denman, McGee and Bayard Families

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San’s Adventures on Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm.

A book about a blind dog was represented at the Literary Walk in Etowah, Tennesse, on June 11 and 12. The farm featured in the story is a local one in Delano, Tennessee.

Dr. Britta Denman wrote this first book in a planned series about her dog, San. It is titled San’s Adventures on Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm.

Lots of things are unique about San. He doesn’t look like most dogs. His legs are a bit too short for his body. He has knock knees, and he was born without eyes.  San is extremely loveable and seems to draw even non-dog lovers to his personality. He has had many adventures with his person, Britta.

Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm, a family farm on the McMinn-Polk County border, is the site of this book. The book is available at the farm in The Shops At Morgan Lane, 2214 Columbus Road, Delano, TN., 37325 and via his website, www.SanTheDog.com. It is also available through Amazon.com, which can also be reached via his website.

Another person in San’s family, Britta’s sister, Elizabeth L D McGee, took all the photographs for this book, as well as some for future books in the series. She was available throughout the weekend event. She has a website at: www.ImagesnMemories.com

Elizabeth, who is a professional photographer, is also developing a permanent display gallery of her work. Her scenic studies and animal portraits express her appreciation and love of nature. Her stop-action rodeo scenes will take your breath away.

There will be framed and unframed photographs of all sizes, as well as note cards and other photo gifts. Photos in the public galleries on her website can also be ordered directly in  many sizes and gift versions.

Elizabeth is available for horse show, rodeo, pet and human interest photography, as well as other works on commission.

Britta, Caitrin and Elizabeth, and their parents, John and Georgia Denman, have been breeding Morgan horses for over thirty years. The Denman Family believes in raising family friendly horses, which are suitable for anything from trail riding to major show rings.
Shop Hours vary with the weather, but are usually 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. The Shops can be reached off of Route 163 (Bowater Road) in Delano by turning at the white sign with red letters on either McMinn County 969 or 970. The phone number is 423 263 0824.

The entire family can be reached via Email at: DenmanFam@aol.com.

Elizabeth can be reached via Email at: ImagesnMemories@aol.com

 Besides San and Elizabeth’s websites, websites are also up for the Farm:
www.SleipnirMorganHorseFarm.com  (Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm) and

Shops: www.TheShopsAtMorganLane.com   (The Shops At Morgan Lane).

San now has a blog on his website, and his humans will be posting stories about San there too.

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It is Caitrin’s birthday TODAY!


If you come by the farm today and tell her “Happy Birthday”, she’ll give you a free plant of her choice.

Our gift to you to celebrate her special day!!

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This month we are having a special on any items in the Antique shop that are purple, or have purple on them. 25% off!

Come visit. There is lots to see and do on the farm. Organically raised vegetable and herb plants. And gorgeous morgan horses. And unique treasures in the shop.

Celebrate Spring!

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A family farm in Delano, Tennessee is having a Spring Open House and Plant Sale, Saturday, April 10th, 2010, from 10:00am to 4:00pm. The Greenhouse At Morgan Lane, 2214 Columbus Road, Delano, TN, 37325, is having its Second Annual Spring Open House, featuring culinary herb plants and over 30 types of Heirloom, Ethnic and other Tomato plants; and over 75 types of sweet, mild to HOT pepper plants.

The Denman Family has a small family farm, where they grow 98% of their plants themselves. Everything is organically grown and while they have some common varieties, the concentration is on unusual and unique culinary herbs and heirloom and ethnic varieties of vegetable plants, especially Tomatoes and Peppers. They have limited space and only grow a small amount of each of many varieties. There are also blueberry bushes and some other fruiting plants. Interesting, and drought tolerant perennials, will be available in addition to several types of house plants.

Georgia and John Denman own the farm, and are assisted by their three daughters and the rest of the immediate family, including Elizabeth, Michael, Amber and Kimberly McGee; Caitrin, Kaya and Tre Bayard; and Britta Denman. Caitrin is in charge of the greenhouse, which is part of The Shops At Morgan Lane.

There is an Antique Shop on the farm, with glass, china, unique home décor, vintage hats and jewelry +. It will be open during the festivities, and is open year long, Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00am until 4:00 pm. Elizabeth has her photography business, ImagesnMemories, in the Shop. In front of the Antique Shop, the family has erected a quilt block, for the Appalachian Quilt Trail. The block, the first in SouthEast Tennessee, has been featured in local news.

The largest herd of Registered Morgan Horses in the south is also on the farm. Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm is home for foals to senior citizens; stallions, mares, and geldings. Most people think of Morgan horses as a draft breed. They are actually more like an Arabian in size, build and uses. Morgan horses have historic bloodlines in horses considered to be people-friendly, gorgeous, and intelligent. They are very willing to work hard for their people and are easy keepers. That is why they were the predominant cavalry horse for settling the West. Morgan horses are in the background bloodlines of many Southern horse breeds, such as the Tennessee Walker and the Saddlebred. Morgan horses do come in many coat colors. Sleipnir Morgans are mostly blacks and bays, some chestnuts, and a palomino. Elizabeth manages the horses, and the other animals, including chickens, ducks, geese, guinea hens, dogs and cats.

The Shops At Morgan Lane can be found off Rte. 163 (Bowater Road), Delano, TN, by using either McMinn County Routes 969 (Columbus Road) or 970 (Linsdale Road). The GPS co-ordinates are: N 35° 16.039’ W 084° 36.236’. The Shops at Morgan Lane are also listed under specialty shops in some navigation systems. There are signs posted along these roads.

For further information the phone number for the farm is: 423 263 0824.

 There are also websites for the businesses as follows:





www.ImagesnMemories.com    (Elizabeth McGee, photographer)

Email can be sent to: DenmanFam@aol.com.

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I was writing today about our daffodils, and mentioned our blue ball jars with a variety of types of daffodils on our kitchen table.
I am certainly not an expert on ball jars…wish that I was. But we have a nice small collection of different sizes, colors, and manufacturers. In the past, we canned utilizing some of the newer ones. But I have also made gifts of table lamps made from the jars, filling them with seashells or other options to match various family members’ tastes, and our budget.
However, besides the jars we also have some nice old vases, fancy and plain, and other containers that could be displayed on their own, or filled with spring flowers.
We brought in some forsythia branches and let them open. We had them in a nice deep dark green plain sided glass vase.
If you are having company for Easter, or are someone’s visitors, or just want to cheer yourself up…..find an old vase, and fill it with Spring flowering branches, or dancing daffodils. Put the vase where you can see it often.
If you have no flowers, or branches, available…just put a piece of colored glass in the window…and let some brightness in to your life.

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It is Spring (almost) here on the farm.  We’ve been busy working on the farm, and in the Greenhouse.  However, we love walking in to the Antique Shop, sniffing the candles, and soaps, and roaming  by the shelves of classic “stuff”.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we are having a sale on everything Green or Orange in the Shop.  20% OFF over $20.00.                   ALL MONTH.

Come Visit.

Some exclusions.

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