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I was writing today about our daffodils, and mentioned our blue ball jars with a variety of types of daffodils on our kitchen table.
I am certainly not an expert on ball jars…wish that I was. But we have a nice small collection of different sizes, colors, and manufacturers. In the past, we canned utilizing some of the newer ones. But I have also made gifts of table lamps made from the jars, filling them with seashells or other options to match various family members’ tastes, and our budget.
However, besides the jars we also have some nice old vases, fancy and plain, and other containers that could be displayed on their own, or filled with spring flowers.
We brought in some forsythia branches and let them open. We had them in a nice deep dark green plain sided glass vase.
If you are having company for Easter, or are someone’s visitors, or just want to cheer yourself up…..find an old vase, and fill it with Spring flowering branches, or dancing daffodils. Put the vase where you can see it often.
If you have no flowers, or branches, available…just put a piece of colored glass in the window…and let some brightness in to your life.

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