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We’ve been busy at the farm with new foals; horse shows; and the plants at the greenhouse. But we’ve also been busy in the shop.

We are going to have some special sales from this weekend through the end of next weekend (Monday the 31st). We will give 25% off of anything red, white or blue.

We are also trying to think of ways to thank our Veterans. John’s Dad served in the Army AND the Navy in WWII. Georgia’s Dad served in the Air Force during WWII. And a dear family friend served in the Coast Guard during WWII.

And we have many other friends and family who have served in war and peacetime…

And we honor and remember them all. Especially those that have fallen.

Come by and reminisce. That’s what Memorial Day is all about. Remembering.
We won’t be able to be at the cemetaries with our Dads…but we’ll be remembering and missing them, and all the others.  We know that someone will be putting flags out at their graves.

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