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The Shop and the Greenhouse are Permanently Closed.

We are working on downsizing…a wide variety of items. I’ll be posting ways to find us on eBay, Etsy, Letgo, and Various Facebook local area Yard Sale sites.

I do post on the Facebook page at “Antiques at Morgan Lane” and “Morgan Lane Enterprises – the Shops at Morgan Lane”.  Also, general postings on the page for “Organic Greenhouse at Morgan Lane”.

The “Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm” Facebook page and my Facebook page “Georgia Denman” are also active and ways to find us.  We still have many Morgan Horses, several trained and/or started, to finish yourself or by your trainer.

Visit us online…

But, please remember that the Shops are Permanently Closed.

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Elizabeth and Caitrin have been busy gathering up items from various family members’ Estates, especially their Grandparents Wes and Harriet Denman of Delano, TN.

We said for this auction, we would bring mostly smalls…here is a list of 92 items that we are bringing for tonight’s auction:

DECEMBER 2nd Auction

MLE (1) small round beverage glasses (x9)

MLE(2)Holly Hobby beverage glass set(x8)

MLE(3)glass punch cup set w/white leafing and gold rim

MLE(4)Brown 2 handled basket w/cherry bow-contents 24 assorted lids

MLE(5)glass flower votive holder w/blue votive candle

MLE(6)Blue and Green glass bud vase(x2)

MLE(7)Yellow geometric sugar bowl w/lid

MLE(8)Yellow geometric creamer

MLE(9)Etched wine glass set (x6)

MLE(10)Metal candle/votive holder w/green glass & votive candle

MLE(11)Etched flower vase

MLE(12)Small geometric candy/sugar dish

MLE(13)Seat of 6 Amber colored glass pudding dishes

MLE(14)marked:Johnson Bros –England pink flowered gravy boat

MLE(15) candle holder w/sticker marked “International silver/plated-Hong Kong”

MLE(16) Brandy glass

MLE(17)Metal Owl sign for Hoods Sarsaparilla

MLE(18)1973 cloth ship calendar in original box

MLE(19)woven basket w/curled handle

MLE(20)Wooden Apple

MLE(21)Framed 8×10 painting of yellow birds(signed TMASSQ)

MLE(22)Hurricane lamp glass

MLE(23)platypus planter marked made in Japan

MLE(24)Wrought Iron Large Spoon & Fork marked Made in Taiwan

MLE(25)Flowered Pickle dish-marked Great Western Cereal Co. Chicago USA

MLE(26)Yellow Depression glass plate

MLE(27)Hand Made Blue/Green Pottery Vase-signed

MLE(28)Hand Made Pottery Bowl/plate combo-signed

MLE(29) set of 6 Olive Green Mugs-all signed JH 68

MLE(30)Mother Mary Vase

MLE(31)Flavo-Matic 8cup Percolator w/all parts –made in USA at West Bend Aluminum Co. West Bend,WI

MLE(32)White/Clear glass lamp shade

MLE(33)Set of 4 Antique car drinking glasses

MLE(34)unmarked green planter

MLE(35)White Handled Serving Platter

MLE(36)Avon candlestick cologne bottle in original box

MLE(37)Flat of porcelain Christmas figurines/ornaments

MLE(38)Vintage Red Tin

MLE(39)Flat of oil lamp items/shoe horns/screwdriver

MLE(40)Jar w/Lid –made in Italy

MLE(41)Old Bean pot w/lid

MLE(42)Red Vintage Child’s Rocker

MLE(43)Vintage Tin gold w/cameo

MLE(44)handmade vintage leather purse  with floral tooling

MLE(45)handmade vintage leather purse w/metal clasp

MLE(46)Flat of various advertising items & men’s items

MLE(47)Glass Milk Jug w/writing & lid

MLE(48)Flat of assorted Vintage Paper Coasters & Cocktail Napkins

MLE(49)Carved wooden Masonic Lodge figure

MLE(50)Hanging Basket w/Metal Eagle

MLE(51)Swing away Mountable Can Opener

MLE(52)R.B. Rogers Serving bowl

MLE(53)lot of Vintage potato mashers (x2) & Vintage Kitchen wisk

MLE(54)Aluminum Omelet Maker

MLE(55)Aluminum Omelet Maker

MLE(56)Metal handle Container w/Lion faces –made in India

MLE(57)Black Rectangle Enamel container w/Lid

MLE(58)Box of Sewing & Craft items

MLE(59)Firescreen & tools

MLE(60)Lot of 3 baskets

MLE(61)ABC Child’s Trunk

MLE(62)Woven Tan Trunk w/Red Handles

MLE(63)Wooden Desk chair

MLE(64)Vintage Yarn holder

MLE(65)Wooden Shelf

MLE(66)Camping/Fire Metal Pot Holders

MLE(67)Box of Craft Magazines

MLE(68)Flat of Christmas items

 MLE(69)Box of 11+ wooden frames & misc pictures

MLE(70)Cat-a-9 Tails Vase-Made in China

MLE(71)Brown/White Vase

MLE(72)Serving/Carving Platter

MLE(73)small Asian pattern porcelain box

MLE(74)Small Painted Wooden Bowl

MLE(75)Metal Decorative Bowl w/painted design

MLE(76)Stained Glass Candle Holder-Made in Mexico

MLE(77)Metal Flower design Tin-Made in Italy

MLE(78)Green/White Porcelain Serving Dish-Marked Michigan  Condensed MI

MLE(79)Yellow/Blue Pottery Serving Bowl

MLE(80) Poinsettia Heavy Glass Divided Serving Tray

MLE(81)McCoy Stork/Cradle Planter

MLE(82)Box lot of Buttons

MLE(83)Set of 4 USA Bicentennial Commemorative Powder Blue Handmade glass plates in Original Boxes w/Literature and Certificates

MLE(84)Fenton White Basket Pattern Vase

MLE(85)Pair of Glass Candle Stick Holders

MLE(86)Milk Glass Top /Hat Vase Daisy/Button pattern

MLE(87) McCoy Bean Pot

MLE(88)Hobnail “Smith Glass” Candy Dish

MLE(89)Porcelain Lettuce Bowl –Signed Betty Feldman 1969

MLE(90)Hand Painted Imperial Dish

MLE(91)Cubist style Clear glass Creamer/Sugar Bowl Set

MLE(92)Box Lot of Yellow Depression Glass-Set of 6 pudding cups, small vase, small Snack Plate and pair of Candle Stick Holders

 As you can see, there is something to interest men, women, teens, and children.  Great items to create a festive mood in your home; and make it cozy all year long.

Remember:  Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle. Repurpose.  Antiques are the ultimate in recycling.  Merry Christmas and Have a Happy Holiday Season.

Never before seen in a retail store  Antique and Vintage items from various family Estates and our personal collections will be unpacked in the Shop throughout the Holiday Season.  Come see what’s new to appear. Surprises in every box unpacked.

Gift certificates always available.

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We will be bringing many ‘smalls’ to C B Auction, in the plaza across from Bowater’s, next to Hardee’s, on Highway 11, Calhoun, TN on Friday night, December 2nd, starting at 6:00 pm.

Most items will be from Family Estates, not previously offered for sale. Some items will be brought from our Antique Shop, at the Shops At Morgan Lane, 2214 Columbus Road, Delano, TN, 37325, 423 263 0824.

There will be many items that would make delightful Christmas gifts, as well as festive items for the holidays. Home, Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s items. Antique and Vintage.

Here is a link to the gallery of a sample of auction items:http://imagesnmemories.smugmug.com/gallery/20369701_QLkdXc#1611591760_P9Mr9hQThe percolator is :Flavo-Matic 8 cup automatic percolator
It has all its parts and works
It was made in West Bend, WI at the West Bend Aluminum Co

Mother Mary is small vase

A piece of gold depression glass

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2011 Spring Open House and Plant Sale

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

10:00am to 4:00pm

We are a small family farm.  We grow 98% of our plants ourselves.  Everything is organically grown and while we have some common varieties, we mostly concentrate on Unusual and Unique culinary herbs and HEIRLOOM and ethnic varieties of vegetable plants, especially Tomatoes and Peppers

We also have Blueberry bushes and some other fruiting plants and perennials.

We have limited space and only grow a small amount of each of many varieties.  We will have over 30 types of Heirloom, Ethnic and other Tomatoes; and over 75 types of sweet, mild to HOT peppers. We do take requests and deposits.

Antique Shop on the farm, with glass, china, vintage hats and jewelry +



Also the largest herd of Registered Morgan Horses in the south.  Foals to senior citizens; stallions, mares, and geldings.  Historic bloodlines in people-friendly, gorgeous, intelligent horses.  Mostly Blacks and Bays, some Chestnuts, and a Palomino.

The Blue Ridge Morgan Horse Youth Group, Appalachian Riders, will be presenting some of the horses during the Open House. 


House plants ON SALE NOW.

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00am until 4:00 pm

The Greenhouse At Morgan Lane

2214 Columbus Road, Delano, TN, 37325

Off Rte. 163-Bowater Road, Delano, TN, 37325 

use either McMinn County Routes 969 or 970




GPS N 35° 16.039’ W 084° 36.236’

423 263 0824 Farm             423 284 0899 Cellular




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Valentine’s Day has come and gone for another year; and St. Patrick’s Day is up to bat as the next “colorful” holiday.

Yes, Washington’s Birthday is still in the mix.  But other than red for Cherry pie, his birthday is not too colorful.  There is a antique/vintage red hat in the “Harriet’s Hats” collection that is decorated with cherries.  Come try it on, and have Elizabeth take your picture, your camera or hers.  You don’t even have to be a member of a ‘Red Hat Club’ to pose in this beauty.  The hat is available for: $35.00

Back to “Thinking Green”: We have a very lovely set of  Green Colonial Homestead China.  Utilizing antique and vintage dishware saves money on buying a set of dishes, and gives some “heritage” feeling to the dinner table.  Antique and vintage sets of dishes are routinely priced considerably less than comparable sets of new.

We also have some really nice pieces of green pottery planters.  You can, naturally, put a green plant in your planter…we have lots of organically raised plants in the greenhouse on site. Or, the planters can be usefully repurposed as desk organizers, or bedroom dresser or bathroom organizers.

Between now and St. Patrick’s Day, anything predominantly green in color will be 25% off in the Shop.

I have some REALLY BIG boxes of dishware to finish sorting through this month.  John and Michael brought the remainder of a storage unit of my family things back to the farm.  I have about a box a day to go through for awhile! Look for new items being brought in to the Shop. 

Also, if you’ve been waiting to buy something that you’ve seen in the Shop, don’t wait.  Someone was very disappointed last week that some pieces were sold.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose.

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I have been spending the last few years trying to sort through family items, on all sides of our family.

Some of the lessons that I’d like to pass along are the obvious ones, which bear repeating. Others you may not have thought about.

# 1    Label all your pictures when you can! Don’t use pencil or ball point pens, if you can avoid it. Use thin point permanent markers, preferably acid-free archival photo safe markers. You can get them at the big box supply or hobby stores. Test the ink on the edge of the back of the photo.

There are photos that I have been shown over the years, and ones that turned up in boxes, and drawers.  Many of the pictures are obvious who they are of…some are not at all.  Memories vary in their accuracy also.  Even photos that the subjects of seem obvious to one family member, are not so obvious to another.  We’ve had good help from some extended family members in identifying subjects and places.  But there are going to be “family” photos that we cannot identify at all.  Don’t let it happen in your family!

# 2    Either make a list, or individually put notes, with special pieces of glassware, china, or tools.  I followed John’s mother, Harriet, around the house one day, making notes on all sorts of pieces of glassware, furniture, etc. I had it listed by whom in the family it had belonged to, and what cabinet it was in or where it was in the house.  But they moved. She moved twice.  Some pieces I can match up.  Some, I cannot.

          John’s father’s mother used to put notes inside items. They would say a few lines about the history of the item. Often, the note would also say who she wanted to have the item when she was gone. This worked very well. 

His aunt and uncle gave a lot of items to the people that they wanted to have them, while they were alive.  That way they could tell them about the items, and see the people’s pleasure in receiving the gifts. Many items she would label, or write a short note about.

If you intend to keep using the item…just pull the note out, and put it back when you return the item to the cabinet.  Make sure the note says what the item is, in case they aren’t put back together.

          Elizabeth, our oldest daughter, and I try to take pictures of items, and then label the picture.  It does not always work. We still have a lot to identify.  But we are making progress.  If you keep copies of these photos off the premises, in a safe deposit box, or at a family member’s home, it also helps identify items if there is a fire, or theft.

#3     The greatest gift that you can give to your family is their past.  Do not be embarrassed about how you look in a video; do not be afraid of how your spelling or sentences read.  Have your family run a video camera at Christmas. Tell them about the quilt that your Great-Aunt made at her church group.  Show them the piece of glass that was your first gift at your new home. Identify the tools that your father used. 

If the family isn’t home for the holidays, take pictures of your bowl for baking bread; the rolling pin that was your great great grandmother’s; the china cabinet that was rescued from your parents’ house fire. 

Don’t just say “Great Great Grandmother’s”. Say the name. And say if you mean your Great Great Grand, or your son’s, or your grand-daughter’s.  It makes a difference! Make copies of the photos that you take of the items. Label them. Send them. Don’t worry that they are not in a fancy scrapbook. Don’t wonder if anyone will care. Do it. Give your descendents your memories.  If you have a family member and a printer/scanner available, join the technology era, and work with them to scan and label photos of people and items.

My grandfather used to say:  “It’s all memories”.

Don’t wait to share those precious memories and remembrances. 

It costs very little to share memories.  Try it this Christmas season.  If you don’t get it done now, do not fret.  This gift is greatly appreciated at any time it is received.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose.  Antiques are the ultimate recyclable; and make unique gifts for home décor.

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Do you have to have everything match just so? Do you have a mixture of colors and styles of dishes? Do you use paper plates, so that you can toss everything out?
I have a set of “our” china that I use for one holiday meal. And a set of “family” china that we use for another.
Our family is very fortunate, in that we have a lot of physical memories of and from our ancestors. Many people are not that fortunate. But this is a way that they can build their own memories.
We have been married many decades now. And have bits and pieces left from different sets of dishes that we have had over the years. Our first “everyday” dishes were white stoneware with a scroll design. They were a nice plain base for whatever food that I was learning to cook during the early days of marriage.

Some of our friends joined together and bought us our first “set” of dishes…everyday and fancier dinner stoneware, a white main plate, with a shades of brown border pattern, from Mikasa. Over the years we have had some other styles of plates, including stoneware ones with small blue pineapples (the symbol of hospitality); and clear pressed glass ones with an overall floral pattern.
My Grandparents had started to buy my “hope chest” fancy china place settings, and added to them for the first main events, holidays, etc of our marriage. These were my very simple, yet elegant, Lenox place settings, a creamy white with a pair of silver bands. Forty+ years later, these are our main special occasion place settings.
A few years ago, John’s Aunt and Uncle passed away. They had a set of dishes that his grandmother had “china painted” on the embossing. We bought these at a “family discount” during their Living Estate downsizing sale. We use these for a few special meals a year, and recall family dinners over decades using that set of china.

A couple years ago, two of our grand-daughters bought us lovely stoneware dishes, for a Christmas gift. The main part of the plates are different solid colors, with all having white borders. These work very well for all sorts of meal presentations…I really do like a solid color for the main plate. It is a nice background for whatever you are serving. I do not like how an overall pattern “fights” with the food placed upon it.
Our daughters have inherited china and “everyday” dishes from both sides of the family. My paternal grandparents had a tiny floral pattern on their European china. Our oldest daughter inherited those pieces. The china has traveled to many states with her and is still doing well. Our youngest inherited their everyday “early” Melmac in muted Autumnal colors. I never cared for those dishes. But she has made a cult around them, and I must admit the soup bowls are just the right size! This same daughter has also inherited a very fancy set of Golden Wheat patterned Lenox, that became hers from a Great Great Aunt and Uncle through her father’s side of the family.

Our middle daughter has inherited John’s mother’s Blue Willow china: The very fancy pieces and the more everyday dishes. There is so much of it that it took boxes and boxes to pack it.
Currently in the Antique Shop, we have a full set of Old Homestead green patterned china from John’s parents. We also have a few very cute pieces of a yellow dish with colonial farmstead patterns on them. We also have sent to auction a set of yellow depression ware (colored glass with pressed patterns). We still have some gorgeous pieces of green depression ware in various patterns that John’s mother collected over the years.
In storage, are some pastel plates (not a complete set) that my mother bought in a box lot at auction eons ago, and her fancy stoneware, in an Autumnal orange poppy pattern. Plus she had odds and ends of previous “sets” of dishes, which are in boxes waiting to be utilized and remembered.
There are many points to this reminiscence. First, we are so very fortunate to have things from many generations back on both sides of the family. Second, we could never possibly absorb it all, and despite having three daughters; and three grand-daughters and a grand-son, there is only so much that we can pass down. Third, we are all great believers in recycling.
Antiques are a wonderful way to reduce, re-use, recycle, and repurpose. Instead of buying cheap plastic or metal trays to give out Christmas cookies, or other food gifts, use pieces of old china or stoneware. If you do not have family hand-me-downs, you can find pieces at antique shops, auctions, flea markets, Estate sales, and charity stores, where your purchases assist others.
A wonderful restaurant that we went to in Amsterdam was just opening. They invited all their friends to come to a Grand Opening dinner. They were asked to bring a place setting and leave it as the “price” of their meal or “gift” to the restaurant. None of the place settings matched. And despite my preference for a plain center on my plates, we all enjoyed the thought and colorfulness that went into this restaurant’s décor. And it assisted the owners with an expensive part of opening their restaurant. It also lured friends and acquaintances back to see “their” dishes at work, great marketing!
We are very conscious of “sustainable” living. When we go to Slow Food events, we bring our own place settings, and utensils, bag them up at the end of the meal, and bring them back home.

Other friends of ours have picked out special place settings over the years, and each family member has “their” own dishes at the table. This works best with a solid color tablecloth, or placemats.

Older dishes at a picnic or barbeque are more solid than paper products, and hold up under sauces, cutting with utensils, etc. If something gets broken in transit back and forth from the kitchen or grill, it is not a catastrophe.
So, reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose and re-enjoy the family tableware again and again. Thanks for the Memories.

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This week is the U S Route 411 Yard Sale. Several people have already set up their tables along the highway. Friends of ours, the Hardens, who sell fancy glass like Fenton and cast iron items, such as Griswold and Wagner, have tables set up at the RV park near the corner of 163 (the Bowater Road). We will have some items with them.
We will also have a SALE in the Antique Shop to go along with the Yard Sale nearby. We are about 3 miles off of Route 411.

We are also having the FINAL WEEK of our Autumn Plant Sale at the greenhouse. We have houseplants, hanging baskets, shrubs, culinary herbs and pepper plants on sale.

All items in the Antique Shop will be ON SALE.

We have some really nice glass and china items, which would be unique, unusual accents for home décor. Some really special lighters are in the shop. We’ll have some new to the Shop vintage  jewelry from ancestors’ jewelry boxes this week too!

You can see many of our available items at the Shop’s Gallery on www.ImagesnMemories.com, Elizabeth’s photography site; and from the link tab on our Home Page.

We will be happy to answer questions about height, width, maker’s marks, etc. Email: DenmanFam@aol.com
Pacifica products: Perfumes, candle, soaps and body butters: will be on sale at 10% off. We have autumn scents, tropicals, florals, and herbs, long-lasting for women and men. The candles are clean burning and all natural.

There are also Fall Festivals in Benton and Etowah this weekend, which are both near to our farm.  Also, there is an Open Horse Show in Englewood, on Route 411, which we are also supporting.  We have a block on the Appalachian Quilt Trail, and there is a quilt show as part of the Benton Festival, and the Polk County News has a new quilt block on the Trail.  We have lots of informative brochures available for local food sources, and sight-seeing in East Tennessee. 

Besides the over-all SALE, we will also have DAILY SPECIALS. Keep checking. I promise I will write more about what is in the Shop.

Antiques are a special, exciting way to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose.

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We are announcing the first autumn 2010 Multi-family, multi-generational YARD SALE, including Estate items.

It will be held:

Thursday, September 2nd

Friday, September 3rd

Saturday, September 4th

From 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

At 137 McMinn County Road 860 (Strawberry Lane), Delano

There will be:



Household Goods

Vintage coats

Regular clothes – men’s, women’s and teen’s

Vintage jewelry and Casual fun jewelry




Old Linens

Men’s Items

Craft and sewing items, including old patterns

Books and Magazines

working computer pieces



Other Surprises.

Additional items will be added each day

Also: There will be Special Sales at The Shops AT Morgan Lane

2214 Columbus Road, (McMinn County Road 969) Delano

A bit further down, and off, the Bowater Road

Regular store hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on the same three days

There will be:

A Sale on Houseplants+ from the Greenhouse

More Books    

A clearance section in the Antique shop

A daily drawing for gift certificates to the Shop and Greenhouse

and other surprises

Maps will be available at each location, to get to the other.

Call 423 263 0824 (423 284 0899 cellular) for information…

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